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Flickr Pics with Notes

Here you will find three great friends enjoys a trip to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore this past summer:

Aviary Screen Capture

This is a screen capture about the tips and ideas for artists, illustrators and authors.  This screen capture is from Peter H. Reynold’s website (author of “The Dot” and “Ish”).

Tell a Story in 5 Frames with Flickr

Enjoy this story about two bored spouses and one glass of water.

“Man, am I thirsty.”

This tool could easily be incorporated into the art room in demonstrating new art  mediums, tool or techniques for my students.  For example I could have a Flickr set that walks the class through how to create a wet on wet technique in watercolor.  The possibilities are endless!

Blog Reflections

Blog Reflections

These library and classroom blogs offer a great resource to both students and teachers.  It provides a one stop shop for anyone interested in obtaining, reviewing, or finding out more about books, assignments, topics, or activities around school.  I think that this type of blog would be beneficial for teacher and students to not only search for their favorite texts, but also as a place where they can post reviews, connections or comments on topics or books.  By having the students and especially the staff take an active role in the school’s library/classroom blogs they will not only familiarize themselves more with the process of blogging, but by posting they will also be more likely to use the blog as a continual resource.  The cross-curricular connections will help teacher make more efficient lessons and will provide students with more efficient tools to be successful in the classroom. 

As much as I see the merit of professional blogs, I still have to say that creating a personal one does not interest me.  I very much enjoy the connection that a face to face (or voice to voice) conversations allows and sometimes have difficulty really having in-depth connections online.  I can use it as a professional tool, but I don’t believe that this method of communication will take a very large role in my personal life.

Classroom Blogs Visited

Classroom Blogs Visited

Kindergarten Tales:

This blog focuses on the kindergarten classroom.  This sites takes in interactive look into the daily happenings of the class and includes audio, video, and written posts about important activities.  This blog communicates with parents on past/upcoming events while also providing links to resources that might be helpful tools for at home growth.

Middle School Math:

This middle school math blog is a is a resource that students use by posting entries about their class throughout the year.  Students have several categories or math topics they can choose from in which they will create their own question and then answer it.  This blog is set up to encourage collaborative learning and self-reflection by allowing students to familiarize themselves with a topic and post questions and answers that someone else in their class may be able to use towards finding their own solutions.

AP Lit Blog:

This high school blog focuses on an AP Lit class.  In this blog the teacher posts an assignment, a summer reading activity, in which students must reply by posting a review of the book.  Students will later use this book as an independent study.  By posting their initial feelings towards a book they are brainstorming possible themes and topics that will prompt them to be better prepared for the project ahead.

Library Blogs Visited

These are some of the blogs I visited that focused primarily of libraries.

Paris High School Library:

This library blog allows high school students to virtually search their school’s library and media capabilities.  On this blog students can look up books (by subject, title, or author), click on reading links (including teacher/parent reading lists and recommendations), and even look at the computer lab schedule.  Students are also given the opportunity to critique their own selection of books through links to their own personal blogs.

Virtual Cheesecloth:

This blog is more librarian ran, and includes her favorite picture books, reviews of new texts, and current events happening in the literature world.  This blog allows students and teachers to search for authors, titles or subjects that interest them while viewing the latest podcasts, articles, and webcasts that involve the SLM community.

UNI Book Blog:

This blog is used as a reference tool for students and teachers.  It includes online databases, as well as online catalogs of books.  In this site there are a variety of tools that can make choosing a book easier and more productive.  For example you can read reviews of books, search recommended reads be category, or even ask a librarian a question.