Blog Reflections

Blog Reflections

These library and classroom blogs offer a great resource to both students and teachers.  It provides a one stop shop for anyone interested in obtaining, reviewing, or finding out more about books, assignments, topics, or activities around school.  I think that this type of blog would be beneficial for teacher and students to not only search for their favorite texts, but also as a place where they can post reviews, connections or comments on topics or books.  By having the students and especially the staff take an active role in the school’s library/classroom blogs they will not only familiarize themselves more with the process of blogging, but by posting they will also be more likely to use the blog as a continual resource.  The cross-curricular connections will help teacher make more efficient lessons and will provide students with more efficient tools to be successful in the classroom. 

As much as I see the merit of professional blogs, I still have to say that creating a personal one does not interest me.  I very much enjoy the connection that a face to face (or voice to voice) conversations allows and sometimes have difficulty really having in-depth connections online.  I can use it as a professional tool, but I don’t believe that this method of communication will take a very large role in my personal life.



  1. Kim Said:

    I like your blog Lizzie! You are right, a library or classroom blog is a great resource. I like the fact that you pointed out making connections. Students need all the practice they can at making connections and synthesizing information they have read and making something of it. It is also important that you point out that blogging is a tool and not the only form of communication we should be emphasizing!

  2. pmarrocco Said:

    I am intrigued by these library blogs. I can see applications for student projects. I spend a great deal of classroom time, just teaching my freshman how to do research for their biology project. A library blog could reduce that and increase my teaching time for biology.

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