Classroom Blogs Visited

Classroom Blogs Visited

Kindergarten Tales:

This blog focuses on the kindergarten classroom.  This sites takes in interactive look into the daily happenings of the class and includes audio, video, and written posts about important activities.  This blog communicates with parents on past/upcoming events while also providing links to resources that might be helpful tools for at home growth.

Middle School Math:

This middle school math blog is a is a resource that students use by posting entries about their class throughout the year.  Students have several categories or math topics they can choose from in which they will create their own question and then answer it.  This blog is set up to encourage collaborative learning and self-reflection by allowing students to familiarize themselves with a topic and post questions and answers that someone else in their class may be able to use towards finding their own solutions.

AP Lit Blog:

This high school blog focuses on an AP Lit class.  In this blog the teacher posts an assignment, a summer reading activity, in which students must reply by posting a review of the book.  Students will later use this book as an independent study.  By posting their initial feelings towards a book they are brainstorming possible themes and topics that will prompt them to be better prepared for the project ahead.


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  1. Anna Hamilton Said:

    The AP Lit teacher seems to be using blogs in a fantastic way. Blogs seem like an excellent place for the outside reading discussions; I like their addition of the project being managed online.

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