Library Blogs Visited

These are some of the blogs I visited that focused primarily of libraries.

Paris High School Library:

This library blog allows high school students to virtually search their school’s library and media capabilities.  On this blog students can look up books (by subject, title, or author), click on reading links (including teacher/parent reading lists and recommendations), and even look at the computer lab schedule.  Students are also given the opportunity to critique their own selection of books through links to their own personal blogs.

Virtual Cheesecloth:

This blog is more librarian ran, and includes her favorite picture books, reviews of new texts, and current events happening in the literature world.  This blog allows students and teachers to search for authors, titles or subjects that interest them while viewing the latest podcasts, articles, and webcasts that involve the SLM community.

UNI Book Blog:

This blog is used as a reference tool for students and teachers.  It includes online databases, as well as online catalogs of books.  In this site there are a variety of tools that can make choosing a book easier and more productive.  For example you can read reviews of books, search recommended reads be category, or even ask a librarian a question.


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  1. Pat Marrocco Said:

    These library blogs intrigue me. As a secondary science teacher, I can see many applications. I assign all of my freshman biology students a year long project that begins with a research paper on any topic in biology in which they are interested. The project culminates in a student devised lab experiment. The students perform the experiment and submit a formal lab report. There are so many ways that a library blog could help them. As freshmen, they are sometime unclear about how to begin research. Blogging with the librarian, accessing “how-to” information on the proper format for writing research, and finding appropriate research materials are just a few ways that I can see a library blog as beneficial. This is one area in which I think I might actually gain classroom time when using technology. With effective blogging, I would not have to dedicate numerous class days to taking the students to the library or the computer room to do the groundwork.

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